Thanksgiving and the start of the holiday season is a great time of year to reflect on all that we have to be thankful for. Fun celebrations abound at this time of year allowing me to focus on spending time with friends, loved ones, colleagues and clients. It is time when I focus on my abundant life.

Abundance is a mentality in how we live our lives; interact with others and how opportunities present themselves both on a personal and professional level.

This year has been an abundant one for me.

From the joy I get at watching my grown children live their lives, experiencing things together and apart and learning from each other based on different perspectives, to growing from the opportunities that have presented themselves in running my business. Learning and adapting to change every day keeps me growing and is fun most times even with the challenge of figuring out how to stay in touch upon the loss of my cell phone for 3 days after it fell into the cleaning water bucket at puppy training class (was there really life before cell phones?).

With year-end approaching and being in business, it is a time to make sure everything is up to date and look at the results. I have also experienced abundance in working with a great team of people and delivering the results to help businesses grow through having good and meaningful financial information. Our team loves working and showing businesses how to run more efficiently and effectively with good accounting processes and reporting.

This holiday season, what are you most thankful for?