With over 22 years of experience in landscape architecture, Barbara Wilson, principal of Barbara Wilson Landscape Architect LLC of New Canaan, CT (http://wilsonlandscapearchitect.com) knows what it takes to design and manage homeowner or commercial landscape projects, from simple residential gardens to navigating complex wetlands approval processes, she is known within the industry for her high-level design expertise and customer service.

Each project Barbara runs requires that she first do a site analysis, surveying the landscape and seeing what there is to do.  After her initial survey, she documents her findings and then creates a plan to design a landscape of someone’s dreams.

So when Barbara first came to meet with the SIMPLY Financials PLUS team,  to ask us to assist her with designing an accounting system and workflow that would work for her in her business and allow for future growth, it was a natural fit for her.

“I initially came to Sharon and her group with an excel spreadsheet and a stack of papers – invoices that were produced in Word, deposit slips and check stubs and bank statements.  While I knew how to invoice customers and receive payments, pay bills and create a spreadsheet of my business income and expenses, I had no idea how to put it all together. I knew my current system would not work for me in the long run as my business was taking off and growing.  QuickBooks was the accounting system used at the previous landscape architecture offices I had worked at so I had some familiarity with the software and thought it would meet my business’s needs.

Similar to what I do in my business, a “site analysis” was done of my current accounting processes including reviewing how I invoice customers, track professional billable time and client reimbursable expenses.  Using QuickBooks Online (QBO) was a perfect fit for me for anytime, anywhere access to my accounting information since I am always on the go.  An implementation plan was created to set up my QBO file- creating opening balances in my accounts, setting up my Customers, Vendors and the Items lists, a Chart of Accounts and connecting QBO to my bank and credit card accounts so it would automatically download allowing me to record activity in real time.  I love how they helped me create a customized invoice template that projects my professional image. Even better is how easy QBO is to send out invoices and receive payments by ACH or credit card with a click of a button allowing me to effectively manage my cash flow on each project. The invoice template they helped me create truly projects the professional business image I wanted.   What I especially liked was that the one on one customized training sessions was done by a trainer who held advanced certifications in QBO, allowing me to learn how to use the software with ease and in just a few sessions.”

“Like designing elegant plantings that enhance any property, and working collaboratively with my clients to realize every detail of their vision, the team at SIMPLY Financials PLUS created an accounting workflow for me that has allowed me to create the financial reports I need to manage the financial side of my business with ease, allowing more time to do the design work I love.”

To see how SIMPLY Financials PLUS team can help you design the accounting system of your dreams, meeting your needs and designing your business landscape, contact sharon@simplyfinancialsplus.com.